maandag 16 maart 2015

Mahika 19-9-2002 ~ 16-3-2015

My soulmate ~ my best friend ~ my everything

I helped her at birth and promised her to help her to die when life wasn't full of joy anymore. 

Words can't describe how much she meant to me....

Always on my mind and forever in my heart

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Stilte .... het was jou soulmate ...wat kunnen wij hier nog aan toevoegen......heel veel sterkte aan jou en de roedel. Onze gedachten zijn bij jullie !!!


  2. sweet sweet hiekie, indeed your soulmate ,friend, buddy, teacher and many more things
    i know she was/is your special girl, we love all our dogs and once in lifetime this very special dog comes in your life to be your teacher, soulmate and guardian angel
    like your mahika, like my ka
    i feel your pain and can't find the words to take away the pain, she just took a piece of your soul with her, but believe me she had the very best life any dog could wish for, so loved, so treasured, so full of action
    and you did as you promised her at birth, to be all that for her and guide her to the rainbow bridge when the time had come, deep respect for that

  3. Dank jullie wel!!!

    Thanks Gea for the nice words....means a lot to me!